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Gravitas are proud specialists in Underwriting & Claims recruitment, building great connections across London and the regional market, covering all classes of business from Personal Lines, Commercial, P&C, Reinsurance and speciality classes.

Our key specialisms cover Insurance (Lloyds & London Market), Personal Lines, Reinsurance (Treaty, X/L Facultative), Delegated Underwriting and Underwriting oversight. We aim to deliver a personalised service to professionals, offering guidance across new opportunities, in-demand skills and standing out in an interview, so you feel satisfied you are making the best step forward in your career. Learn more about how we can help. 

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What are the key roles we recruit for?

We work with both candidates looking to work on a contract or permanent basis, from junior level to management and executive search. This includes:

  • Claims Handler
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Claims Manager / Head of
  • Claims Broker
  • Reinsurance Analyst
  • Reinsurance Technician
  • Reinsurance Manager
  • Underwriting Analyst
  • (Class) Underwriter
  • Underwriting Manager / Head of


Underwriting is the process of understanding and evaluating risks for a financial contract. Common entry level positions are Underwriting Assistant or Operations Support, predominantly with administrative responsibilities in data preparation & analysis, documentation and reviewing contracts. As an individual in this field becomes more competent, they can progress further into technical specialist positions (Technical Underwriting Specialist) or management level. 


An insurance claim is a formal request to an insurance company to cover compensation payment in the event of an incident. As an essential role in Insurance, a career in Claims has various routes depending on the avenue and class of business a professional might work in, level of education and training.  

A claims career is inclusive, as there are as many opportunities for individuals without a higher-level qualification to individuals who do. Entry level positions such as Claims Handler or Claims Adjuster will have workplace training around negotiation and complex claims handling. 

Top tips for an Underwriting & Claims career

Advice from our Director, Kirsten Quarman


Qualifications could help you stand out

Working in Underwriting & Claims takes hard work, time, and dedication but the recognition for this will be rewarded as you advance through your profession. Take time into researching desirable qualifications that can progress your career forward. The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is a preferred qualification for some employers, and very few Underwriters & Claims professionals have completed this qualification so it can help you stand out. 

Grow your professional network

Actively networking and growing your professional network comes with a number of benefits. Attending conferences, community events and webinars can allow you to gain regular information on the Insurance market and receive guidance from top business leaders and make friends along the way. As you build connections, you open doors to further job opportunities. 

Build your tech knowledge

Technology has transformed insurance and the roles within it, especially in Underwriting & Claims positions. As processes become more automated, the demand for experience with CRMs, data visualisation tools, and technical analysis becomes more important than ever. 

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