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Are you looking to develop your actuarial career? Our experts can help! From expanding on your skillset, achieving new qualifications, to finding the most suitable job roles with the right organisations, there are a number of factors to consider. 

As Insurance recruitment specialists, our actuarial team have expertise across General Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Pensions Consulting, Investment Consulting and more. Our consultants are driven in helping actuarial professionals find high-quality opportunities across the UK, Bermuda, US, and Canada. Explore how we can provide support. 

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Which types of organisations are looking for specialists in Actuarial? 

Actuarial specialists measure and analyse risk for insurance companies or consultancies, as well as calculate the financial impact with these risks. 

Gravitas is a trusted recruitment partner, demonstrated by our numerous awards and accolades, along with our exclusive candidate network. 

We are proud to work with a range of market-leading clients across:

  • Insurers & Reinsurers
  • Mutuals
  • Asset Managers
  • Consultancies
  • Banks
  • Government Bodies

In these organisations, we provide recruitment services to help contractors, consultants, permanent staff, and C-Suite executives to find new positions. 

Our actuarial teams recruit for the following positions:

  • Actuaries
  • Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Analytics
  • Consultants

Top Actuarial jobs in demand

Gravitas’ Actuarial team provide Insurance recruitment services across the following niche areas.

Non-Life (General Insurance)

Non-Life Insurance, also known as General Insurance covers Personal Insurance, as well as Reinsurance and large complex direct P&C, Marine, Aviation, and specialty risks.

Some of the key job roles our Non-Life consultants provide support to are:

  • Pricing Actuary / Analyst
  • Capital Actuary / Analyst
  • Reserving Actuary / Analyst
  • Risk Actuary / Analyst
  • Consultants


Life Insurance actuaries assist in the development of annuity and life insurance policies. These are based on risks surrounding age, gender, health, and life expectancy. Their day-to-day role includes putting together and pricing contracts, risk measurements and financial advice.

Key job roles Gravitas recruit for include:

  • Pricing Actuary
  • Risk Actuary 
  • Reporting Actuary
  • Systems Actuary
  • Model Development Actuary
  • Longevity Actuary 
  • BPA Actuary 


Data Analytics involves insurance companies collecting data to receive beneficial insights, helping risk evaluation and improve decision making. Data specialist roles our clients are looking for include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Research Analyst / Actuary


Actuaries in Pensions will provide advice to companies and trustees towards the management of their pension schemes. They may receive assistance from pension lawyers or administrators to ensure effective pension schemes are in place to fulfil the needs of companies and their employees. 

Key roles:

  • Pensions Actuary
  • Pensions Consultant (DB & DC)
  • Risk Transfer Actuary
  • BPA Actuary
  • Scheme Actuary 
  • Trustees


Investment actuaries have a central role in strategy development, evaluate and interpret investment risks, advising clients on their investing decisions. 

Key roles:

  • Investment Actuary
  • Investment Risk Actuary
  • Investment Consultant 

Top tips for an Actuarial career

Expert advice provided by Director, Kirsten Quarman


Dedication and commitment to qualifications

To become an Actuary, perseverance is essential. You will have to register with IFoA a governing body. Overall, there are 13 exams to pass to qualify as an Actuary. Depending on your degree or the companies you work within, you may receive exemptions from certain exams. The average qualification and exams take 3+years to complete but, results in a very rewarding and successful Actuarial career. 

Be an active member of the actuarial community 

As the insurance market expands, so does its network. It's important to take this as an opportunity to widen your connections through networking events (for example, the Indian Actuarial Network or the Chinese Actuarial Network), conferences (i.e. GIRO, Life), seminars or community groups. You’ll be able to gain regular market insights, receive advice from other Actuaries and even find a mentor to assist you with your actuarial career development. 


The Insurance market has shifted towards data transformation, with an introduction of larger datasets promising more process efficiencies. Consider what technical skills might be beneficial for your career, such as specific actuarial software experience with Tyche, Igloo, ReMetrica, MoSes, RAFM and Prophet.

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