Permanent recruitment solutions

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

We have been delivering technology and insurance permanent hiring solutions to businesses since 2010. We work with businesses across the UK, with offices in Manchester, Leeds, and London, building a quality network of candidates at all levels, across a range of niche roles.

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Why choose Gravitas for your permanent hiring

Why choose Gravitas for your permanent hiring

We are proud to work differently than other permanent recruitment agencies, through our friendly, proactive, and transparent approach. What makes us different?

  • As niche specialists, our consultants only specialise in one specific area of IT or insurance. This allows them to become subject-matter experts, able to advise and share insights with their partnering clients. 
  • We balance speed of service with quality. By focusing on a specific area in IT and insurance, our consultants build and maintain valuable relationships with professionals across the market. We quickly reach quality talent, that other agencies might not have access to, often working to represent candidates on an exclusive basis. 
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What to expect from our services?

Getting the right permanent employee matters but is often easier said than done. We understand the challenges that can come with hiring. We work hard to remove time-consuming tasks so the whole hiring process runs efficiently, when recruiting for specialist IT or insurance roles. Utilising our services can:

  • Save you time across the whole process. We assist with creating adverts, pre-screening and finding suitable candidates to interview – so you’re able to divert your attention back to daily responsibilities and project time.
  • Give you market insight and knowledge on attracting top talent. As market experts, we understand candidate attraction, providing guidance to you across salary, flexible working, and job description to ensure you have the best chance of finding the right candidate for your organisation.
  • Reduce the risk of poor hires. We provide a match-making service, effectively communicating with potential candidates throughout the process to ensure they are the right hire for your organisation. Alongside this, we provide a service to candidates to see if you are the right organisation for them, aligning with their motivation and their long-term goals. 
  • A bonus? You have less paperwork to do!

Vastly reduce your admin.

Save a lot of time, so you can focus on your day-to-day role.

Provide hiring advice to build your employer brand, increasing employee attraction & retention.

Reduce the risk of making a bad hire, through our careful screening, relationship building with the candidate, and excellent communication to learn about motivations and longer-term career goals.

Permanent recruitment process

Our recruitment process is transparency and clear, helping to manage your expectations. We combine our process with regular communication to keep your candidates engaged, while providing you with regular updates on hiring progress. What can you expect? Our process can include: 

Kick-off meeting


We start the process off with a meeting (in-person or video call) to clarify the position and your expectations. If you don’t have a job description, we can help create one with a consultation meeting, asking in-depth questions about the role.

Market insights


We have multiple layers of understanding across the market. This includes candidate availability, competitiveness, salary market expectations, employment conditions and career prospects. Using this knowledge, we assess your role and expectations.

Culture match


Company culture is important in attracting and selecting the right type of candidate that suits your company’s environment. We ask questions to uncover what makes your organisation special and enjoyable for an employee.

Customised solution


As market experts, our consultants are highly knowledgeable in their field, and can devise suitable hiring solutions. They may advise on what makes a role stand out in the market. We then approach the market to find candidates through different avenues, such as social platforms, job boards, databases, and adverts.

Check shortlist


Following pre-screening calls or meetings, we put together a suitable list of candidates with relevant skills, experience and motivations that fit the presented position and your organisation’s culture.

Arrange job interviews


We take diary management out of your hands, as our consultants arrange the most suitable time to interview and prepare each candidate beforehand. Post-interview, we know the importance of feedback. We provide your feedback to all candidates and gain their feedback to how they felt during their interview. As a result, we make sure everyone has a positive experience that they can benefit from – enhancing your brand reputation.

Negotiate salary and conditions


We offer assistance in managing salary and package expectations with potential candidates, so in the event of an offer, both you and the candidate are satisfied with the outcome.

Find out why our clients and candidates love working with our team and recommend us to their colleagues.

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