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Welcome to our IR35 information hub, here you can find out all you need to know about the UK's off-payroll working legislation.

About IR35

Since 2000, major changes in taxation processes mean that how self-employed contractors are taxed have changed. When you work as a contractor, you can choose to operate through your own limited company or an umbrella company, and for the latter, we have an approved supplier list to help make the decision easy.

Recently, since April 2021, all public sector clients and medium and large private sector clients have been responsible for determining the IR35 status of the contractors they work with, so it’s key to understand the differences and make sure you know whether they fall inside or outside of IR35.

When it comes to employing contractors, it's essential to know whether a contractor falls inside or outside of IR35, as this will affect their take home pay and entitlement to benefits that permanent employees may receive, such as equipment.

Failure to correctly address whether a contractor sits inside or outside of IR35 can lead to a HMRC investigation and potential penalties, which is where we can help. 

If you have any questions about IR35, either as a contractor or an employer, you can view our employer FAQ's here or our contractor FAQ's here. Alternatively contact us using this form.​​

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Determine your status

Use our Status Determination Tool to figure out if you are likely to fall inside or outside of IR35.

PLEASE NOTE that this is just an indication and not a final status determination.

To get a final determination all three parties would need to complete an assessment.

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