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Are you looking to explore your Insurance career further in Catastrophe, Risk & Analytics? As a specialist Insurance recruitment agency, Gravitas strives to help professionals find opportunities with market-leading firms, (Re)Insurers, Brokers, Third-party Providers, Insurtech Businesses and Consultancies.  

Our consultants are experts across Catastrophe Modelling, Exposure Management, Risk Management and Underwriting & Performance Management. They are equipped with the best advice and guidance so you can feel confident exploring what the market has to offer towards your next career step. Learn more about how we can help.  

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Catastrophe Risk & Exposure Management 

Catastrophe Modelling gives insurers and businesses an understanding of potential risks before they occur as well as the ability to estimate losses post catastrophe event. 

Exposure management gives Syndicates, Insurers, and Reinsurers a sense of security through maintaining control of their Catastrophe risk, alongside providing reporting to regulatory bodies.  

Typical roles include: 

  • Catastrophe Analysts / Managers 
  • Heads of Catastrophe Risk & Exposure Management 
  • Research & Model Development 
  • Model Validation / Evaluation 
  • Climate Change Specialist 
  • Exposure Management Analysts 
  • Catastrophe & Exposure Reporting Specialists 
  • Technical Specialists 
  • Exposure Management Consultants 

We work with clients recruiting for such roles across natural and man-made catastrophe in the UK and overseas.

Risk Management 

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is future-facing and covers the entire enterprise from the top down. Traditional risk management commonly focuses on risk avoidance and the existing framework. Regardless of which route you decide to embark on, there are growing opportunities in the Insurance industry for risk professionals.

Gravitas’ expert consultants recruit for Risk Managers from various backgrounds and organisations. Roles we recruit for include: 

  • Head of Risk Management / CRO 
  • Risk Managers 
  • Risk Analysts 
  • Third party risk Managers 
  • Compliance Managers 
  • Operational Risk Management 
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Underwriting & Performance Management 

Underwriting & Performance Management utilises a set of analytical skills and tools to provide businesses with a solid analytical measure of their underwriting performance. They may also provide information in business planning processes. Typical roles we recruit for include: 

Top three tips when developing a career in Catastrophe, Risk & Analytics?  

Advice from our Practice Lead, Debbie Jackson


Continuous learning 

Learning new skills keeps you motivated and widens your career potential for the future. Consider where you want to be in the future and the skills you need to reach those goals. There are a range of industry qualifications (i.e. ACII, IRM, CCRA) you can pursue to help advance your career along. Additionally, increasing your technical skills in SQL, Power BI, Python R can be beneficial in this industry.  

If you aren’t sure where you would like to progress, by pushing yourself to learn, becoming involved with projects and gaining advice from senior professionals can keep you inspired.

Keep an active eye on the market 

Take proactive steps to network and keep up to date with the market. Why not consider joining relevant groups, read industry news and research in your area of expertise? By doing this, you will get a continuous understanding of what skills are in demand and how opportunities might evolve. At Gravitas, we are market experts who can provide knowledge across the market providing you with updates and opportunities.

Keep your CV up to date 

Proactively updating your CV as you progress in your role and learn new things, can act as a positive reminder for how much you have achieved in your career AND help you evaluate what you need to do next. If you are applying for new positions, update your CV by pulling out relevant skills to stand out further to Hiring Managers.

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