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Life Actuary Jobs FAQs


What does an actuary do?

An actuary is a professional who utilises mathematics, statistics and financial theory to analyse and manage risks and uncertainties. They typically work in the insurance industry, where their responsibilities include calculating insurance premiums evaluating the impact of risks and developing models and projections.

What are actuarial positions?

Actuarial positions are roles within the insurance industry or other financial institutions where individuals apply their expertise in science to analyse and manage risks. These positions may involve job titles such as pricing actuary, senior actuarial analyst, actuarial consultant or life actuary.

Can you explain what a life actuary does?

A life actuary specialises in working with life insurance policies and related financial products. They are responsible for assessing the risks associated with life insurance coverage determining premium rates and analysing mortality and morbidity data to make accurate projections. Actuaries specialising in life insurance generally work within three aim areas: pricing, reserving, and capital modelling.

What is a model in actuarial terms?

In the realm of actuaries, a model refers to a statistical representation of a situation or system. Actuaries employ models to simulate and analyse risks and uncertainties such as insurance claims, investment returns, mortality rates and market conditions.

What does insurance consulting entail? 

Insurance consulting involves providing expert guidance and support to insurance companies and other organisations within the insurance industry. Consultants play a role, in areas like risk assessment, pricing strategies, product development, regulatory compliance and overall business optimization.

What is a non-life insurance job?

A non-life insurance career works within actuarial and contributes to the insurance policies that cover risks other than those related to life; this includes home, liabilities, cars, travel related risks and more. 

What responsibilities does an insurance actuary have? 

An insurance actuary plays a role in analysing and managing the risks linked to various insurance policies. They calculate premium rates based on risk assessments, model potential risks and comprehensively evaluate reserves required for policy coverage purposes. Additionally, they assess the sustainability and profitability of types of insurances products.

What are the qualifications for a life actuary job?

Typically, qualifications for a life actuary role involve obtaining a maths-based degree at 2:1 or above. Following a degree, aspiring actuaries will need to secure a graduate actuary role, where they can begin taking their actuarial exams. These exams assess an individual’s understanding and expertise in areas such as probability, statistics, financial mathematics and actuarial modelling. Alternatively, aspiring actuaries could look to: 

  • Secure a position as a Trainee Actuarial Analyst
  • Study for the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) exams
  • Quality as an Actuarial Analyst
  • Join the IFoA as an Analyst member
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