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What is non-life insurance?

Non-life insurance, also referred to as general insurance, encompasses policies such as motor, travel, health, and home insurance, protecting some of your most high-value assets. It includes policies that are not related to human life, and often offer financial protection from flood, fire, theft, accidents, and environmental events. 

What is non-life actuarial and what kind of jobs does it offer? 

Non-life actuarial is a specialist area within the insurance industry and relates to the work actuaries do in compiling and analysing statistics to calculate insurance risks. This area of expertise includes jobs such as: 

  • Actuary (Project, Pensions, Corporate, Claims, Research, Reserving, Planning, Market Risk, Validation, Pricing, Cyber, Property etc…)
  • Pricing analyst
  • Modelling
  • Consultant 

What is actuarial science?

Actuarial science uses mathematical skills combined with statistical analysis to help assess risk and formulate policies for insurance companies, government, private sector, and academic researchers to minimise the future impact. It incorporates the disciplines of Maths, Finance, Accounting and Economics to mitigate risk.  

What does an actuary do?

An actuary is a professional who employs statistical techniques to analyse data and assess risks. They primarily work within the insurance industry, utilising their knowledge to calculate insurance premiums, evaluate the consequences of risks and design insurance policies that cater to policyholders needs while ensuring the stability of the insurance company. The apply have the ability to have significant social impact, while influencing high-level strategies around legislation, business, and everyday lives. Here are a few examples of actuarial roles: 

What is an actuarial analyst?

An actuarial analyst is a professional who supports actuaries in analysing and evaluating risks. They employ statistical techniques to collect and analyse data develop models provide insights, into risk management strategies and offer recommendations regarding insurance pricing.

What is pricing actuary?

A pricing actuary is an expert who specialises in determining premium rates for insurance policies. They employ statistical models to analyse data assess risks and establish appropriate pricing levels that accurately reflect the potential cost of claims while ensuring profitability for insurance companies.

What does a senior manager in actuarial do?

The role of a manager in the field of work entails holding a higher-level position, within an actuarial department or team. The actuarial assistant manager has the responsibility of overseeing and managing functions. They provide leadership and guidance, to staff coordinate with departments and stakeholders and contribute to strategic decision making in order to ensure the organisations financial stability and profitability.

What does an actuarial assistant manager do?

The job responsibilities of an assistant manager include assisting the managers in a range of tasks. These tasks involve data analysis, financial modelling, risk assessment and report preparation. They may also be involved in activities such as pricing, underwriting and product development. Additionally, they offer support to analysts. Collaborate with other departments to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of actuarial services.



How to become a qualified actuary?

To become an actuary, you typically need to have a foundation, in mathematics, statistics and finance. This usually involves completing a degree in science or a related field and successfully passing a series of exams. Moreover, many actuaries gain work experience through internships or entry level positions in the industry. After passing your actuarial exams you must register with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Where can I find non-life actuarial jobs?

There are several industries where you can find them. These include insurance companies, consulting firms, financial institutions, and government agencies. Specialist recruitment agencies such as Gravitas work closely with these organisations, and frequently advertise positions on their website or specialist jobs boards like The Actuary Jobs. 

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