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DevOps Engineer Jobs

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What is the role of a DevOps professional?

A DevOps professional is responsible for overseeing software development and operations processes fostering collaboration between development and operations teams automating tasks and implementing tools and processes to ensure software delivery and infrastructure management.

Explain the role of a DevOps engineer?

A DevOps engineer is an expert who combines knowledge in software development and IT operations to streamline processes, automate tasks and ensure software delivery and infrastructure management.

What are the main duties of a DevOps engineer?

The main duties of a DevOps engineer include: 

  • Evaluating existing systems and processes, with a focus on enhancing efficiency.
  • Establishing and configuring new development tools and infrastructure to support project needs.
  • Grasping the requirements of stakeholders and effectively communicating them to development teams.
  • Collaborating with developers and IT peers to supervise code deployments and releases.
  • Crafting comprehensive specification documents to guide development efforts.
  • Rigorously testing and scrutinizing code produced by colleagues while analysing outcomes.
  • Identifying technical challenges and crafting software updates and solutions.
  • Orchestrating project blueprints and actively participating in project management decisions for successful execution.

How does a DevOps engineer contribute to the wider IT team?

A DevOps engineer works closely with development, operations and other teams to facilitate software delivery and infrastructure management. They actively participate in planning, implementation, troubleshooting systems while striving towards shared goals.

What skills do you need to have in order to become a DevOps engineer?

To pursue a career in this field it is important to possess an understanding of software development methodologies. Hands on experience with cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS plus familiarity with automation tools like Jenkins or Ansible is desirable. Also, proficiency in scripting languages along with strong problem solving, troubleshooting abilities and effective communication skills is usually required.

What is the typical salary range for DevOps engineers?

The average salary for DevOps engineers can vary depending on factors such as experience level, geographical location and industry. In London, UK, the typical salary range for DevOps engineers falls between £50,000 and £85,000 per annum.

What is the difference between a DevOps engineer and a software developer?

While both roles involve programming skills, they focus on aspects of software development. A DevOps engineer specialises in streamlining processes automating tasks and managing infrastructure. On the hand a software developer primarily focuses on writing code and creating software applications. Though there is some overlap, in their skill sets, their responsibilities and areas of expertise differ.

What do you need to pursue a career in DevOps engineer? 

The main qualifications and experience you need to become a DevOps engineer include: 

  • Experience of software development and system administration
  • An excellent knowledge of one or more scripting languages such as JavaScript, Python or Ruby
  • Experience of cloud infrastructure such as AWS or Google Cloud Platform
  • Gain a certification such as: 

DevOps Certification 

Kubernetes Administrator Certification

CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification

Docker Certified Associate  

Puppet and Ansible Certification

DevOps Engineer Masters Program  

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