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Hiring Strategies for Tech & Data Specialists in the Greentech Sector

Joseph Thushe1 month ago by Joseph Thushe
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As a Manager or Director in the Greentech sector, hiring skilled IT specialists is crucial to your company's success.  

Find out; 

  • Where to find talented candidates 

  • How to assess their skills, with techniques on how to attract them to your company 

With these strategies, you can build an IT team to support your Greentech operation now and into the future. 

Specialised knowledge

The global green technology and sustainability market size is projected to quadruple from USD 19.83 billion in 2024 to USD 83.59 billion in 2032 according to Fortune Business Insights. In response to forecasts like these and Government action around the world to tackle climate change, Greentech companies will require increasing numbers of IT specialists with expertise in emerging technologies like cloud computing, data analytics and cybersecurity. These skills allow Greentech companies to operate cutting-edge systems, gather and analyse huge amounts of data, and protect intellectual property. IT professionals must stay up to date with the latest technologies to support companies focused on innovation.

Data management

Greentech businesses rely heavily on data to develop new products and streamline operations. They need tech specialists skilled in data storage, mining, and analytics using tools like Hadoop, SQL, and Tableau. Professionals must implement strict data governance policies to ensure data integrity and security. They also need to manage partnerships with data providers and negotiate data usage agreements.

Infrastructure expertise

Many Greentech companies build custom systems and equipment, so their IT infrastructure can be complex. They require tech specialists with experience setting up and maintaining networks, servers, and software systems in research and production environments. Professionals need to ensure maximum uptime and performance for systems that could include sensor networks, control rooms, and manufacturing equipment. They also need to implement robust backup and business continuity plans to minimize disruption.

Compliance knowledge

Greentech companies often handle sensitive data and are subject to strict industry regulations. Their IT specialists must establish and monitor compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX. Professionals need to implement policies and controls for data privacy, security, and acceptable use. They also need to perform regular risk assessments and audits to identify and address areas of non-compliance. Compliance knowledge is essential for any Greentech company looking to build trust and protect their business. 

Where to find experienced tech & data professionals for Greentech 

Professional associations and networks

Professional groups focused on areas like renewable energy, green building, and clean transportation, as well as specific niche technology and data networking groups, can be valuable sources for finding experienced professionals. These associations often have job boards, member directories, and local events where you can network with candidates currently working in or interested in the Greentech field. Candidates engaged with these groups will have a demonstrated interest in sustainability and be up to date with trends in the sector. 


You can expand your professional network by advertising on LinkedIn, Indeed and a variety of niche IT jobs boards. You must ensure your advert sells the benefits of your business, is clear about the responsibilities, and any career development opportunities to attract candidates. When putting together your plan, you will need to consider your budget, who will review and respond to applicants, who will manage the recruitment process to keep candidates engaged etc… It can be surprisingly time consuming, so ensure you allocate the right resources to manage the process. The main consideration when advertising is that you are only reaching actively looking candidates, and when you work in such niche areas, many of the best candidates are passive, so it’s important you also consider how you will find the specialist, experienced talent you need.

On a side note, if you are going to advertise, then make sure you work on how you communicate your own company brand to attract people to work for you, when they do their research. You can read our blog The Benefits of Employer Branding for Recruitment Success to learn more. Some ideas could include investing in a careers section of your website, including testimonials, videos, benefits, community work, and purpose.

Recruiting firms that specialise in tech, data and Greentech 

Working with recruiting firms that specialise in Greentech, such as Gravitas, can help firstly speed up the hiring process, and secondly improve the quality of the candidates you have available to hire.  

They speed up the process as they have already spent years building up an engaged, screened, and experienced network of niche tech talent – both contract and permanent candidates. It’s worth understanding the difference between a generalist and a specialist agency, as generalists cover multiple areas of recruitment, and are probably not going to be able to access the best talent as they spread their resources too thinly 

A specialist recruitment agency will be able to access passive candidates not looking for a job who, with a little persuasion, may decide to apply, as well as actively looking candidates. This saves time and improves quality, as agencies look for the desired combination of technical and environmental expertise. Because they already have relationships with these candidates, they can dig into their motivations and goals to find someone that will not only be able to do the job, but who will benefit your work culture with what they bring. A specialist agency will understand the key skills and experience needed for different roles, so if there is a particular skills shortage, they can tap into wider networks to help expand the talent pool, as well as advising on benchmarking to ensure to stay competitive.  

They can help source, screen, and evaluate candidates efficiently and ensure a good match with your position and company culture. You should find it increases the retention of the people you hire, as you first the right person, first time, with little risk of a ‘bad hire’. In the long term this will be save you both the time and money needed to rehire.  

The most qualified candidates for a tech or data role in a Greentech company will have a blend of traditional technical skills, knowledge of sustainability challenges and solutions, and a passion for innovation. With the right search strategy, you can find these professionals and help drive your company’s vision for a greener future. 

Screening candidates for Greentech roles

Greentech companies seeking top talent should establish a rigorous screening process. When reviewing candidates, focus on both technical qualifications and soft skills that align with your company culture. 

Evaluate technical competencies

Assess candidates’ expertise in areas critical to your operations like cloud computing, data analysis, and cybersecurity. For software engineering roles, review their programming language proficiencies and experience building web or mobile applications. Ask candidates to describe complex technical projects they have worked on, the challenges they faced, and how they solved them. 

Assess soft skills

Look for strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities which are essential for IT roles. Discuss how candidates stay up to date with advancements in the tech field and how they would mentor less experienced team members. Determine if they exhibit the curiosity and growth mindset needed to support innovation. 

Check references

Speaking with former managers and colleagues can provide insight into a candidate’s strengths, work style, and potential growth areas. Ask open-ended questions to uncover how the candidate handles pressure, deals with conflicts, and contributes to a team environment. Look for references that can speak knowledgeably about the candidate’s technical work and soft skills. 

Consider cultural add

Select candidates that demonstrate passion for sustainability and interest in new technologies that can benefit the environment. Gauge if they express the collaborative, creative, and mission-driven spirit that defines your company culture. Candidates that are the best technical match may not always be the best contributors to your culture, so balancing these factors is key. 

With a rigorous screening process focused on both technical and soft skills, Greentech companies can hire IT specialists that drive innovation and help achieve business goals. Investing the time to find candidates that are the right match on all levels will lead to successful, long-term partnerships. 

It’s important to also consider the difference between culture fit vs culture add, which can help contribute to a better growth strategy. In the past companies have focused too much on culture fit often unconsciously hiring very similar people. By focusing on culture add, you can ensure a new hire aligns with your values, while bringing new skills and perspectives to the table. Having an ESG and DEI plan can help contribute to this and help a more diverse workforce feel included and accepted within your culture.  

Interviewing tips to assess IT skills for Greentech 

Focus on technical and soft skills

When interviewing candidates for IT roles in Greentech companies, look for a balance of both technical skills and soft skills. Technical skills refer to proficiency with software, languages, and systems relevant to the role. For example, expertise in cloud computing, data analysis, and machine learning are useful for many Greentech IT jobs. Equally important are soft skills like communication, adaptability, and a willingness to learn. Questions around how candidates handle challenges, interact with colleagues, and stay up to date with technology can reveal these traits. Also, allow for interviewing neurodiverse candidates in the technology space. 

Ask about familiarity with sustainability concepts

While IT skills are essential, Greentech companies need specialists who understand sustainability and environmental concepts, with preferable experience of Green IT. Discuss how their technical expertise could support company and environmental goals. Candidates with an interest in sustainability will be more motivated and effective in their roles. 

Set scenarios and case studies

Hypothetical scenarios and case studies are useful to assess problem-solving skills and how candidates think on their feet. For example, present a situation where an IT system has gone down and ask how they would address it, using the STAR technique. Or, describe a new sustainability initiative and ask how they would leverage data and technology to support it. Look for creative, thoughtful responses that demonstrate resourcefulness and logic. 

Consider other attributes

Other qualities to consider include a willingness to learn and passion for the work. The Greentech field is constantly changing, so candidates must be able to pick up new concepts and skills quickly. They should also express genuine enthusiasm for the company’s sustainability mission and using their technical talents to advance it. With the right attributes and skills, an IT specialist can become a valuable asset to a Greentech company. 

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About the author 

Joseph Thushe is Gravitas’ Technology Director, based in the London office. With over 15 years of experience in technology recruitment, Joseph joined Gravitas Group in 2009 to build the Mobile Development team. His wealth of knowledge and passion for high-quality service has seen the team build credible business partnerships across London, but also win multiple awards over the years.
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