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Why Technology Professionals are Attracted to the UK Greentech Industry

2 months ago by Louise Smith
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The demand for tech staff in the UK Greentech sector is being driven by continued public and private investment aimed at delivering net zero targets.

Key takeaways

What types of Greentech companies are thriving in the UK?

There are opportunities across all technology niches from D365, IT Change and Transformation, Mobile, .Net and JavaScript to name a few.

The main sub-sectors growing within Greentech include:

  • Clean energy

  • Agritech

  • Transport

  • Circular economy

According to Beauhurst, the top five growing UK Greentech companies in 2023, based on their amount of equity funding included, Sonnedix, OVO Group, Zenobē, Field, and GRIDSERVE.

All five of these businesses work within renewable energy or sustainable transportation, with projects covering solar parks, innovative battery solutions and sun-to-wheel high-powered chargers.

Where are these companies located?

Many are based within London and in the home counties. However, there are companies like Iduna in Manchester, C-Capture in Leeds, and Modo Energy in Birmingham, flying the flag for Greentech innovation outside of London.

What is the fastest growing Greentech sector?

Renewable energy. In 2023, 42% of the UK’s share of electricity came from renewable sources. This is forecast to grow even more in the next five years. According to LinkedIn, there were over 10,000 IT vacancies advertised in January 2024 within this sector.

Job opportunities in software development

A crucial part of electric cars and hydrogen-fuel cell cars is the software that comes with it, including battery control, digital dashboards, mobility functions, safety monitoring, charging software as well as even driver-less software. As these vehicles grow in their market need in building sustainable solutions, software development has been driving the industry forward in its rapid growth. It's not even just the centric vehicle industry, but generally organisations are planning bigger budgets towards software development and specialist software developers are rising in demand by 17% in 2023.

How ‘green’ IT professionals are in growing demand outside of Greentech

As the wider business world is looking to become greener and save on energy costs, technology professionals who have experience in green coding and green systems architecture are in high demand. Green IT also covers everything from design and manufacturing, through to operating and disposing of computer equipment is an environmentally friendly way. There is also the small matter of the redesign of data centres, using green data storage, networking and the increase usage of cloud technology.

What to do if you are considering changing sectors?

There are many reasons IT professionals decide to change sectors:

  • Obtaining a higher salary.

  • There is more job availability in another sector.

  • Looking for more meaning, purpose, or job satisfaction.

  • The benefits might be better in another sector e.g. the public sector often has a much higher pension scheme.

There are a few key things to consider when changing sectors, for example, into Greentech.

  • Transferable skills: Review your transferable experiences and skills, then highlight them on your CV and LinkedIn.

  • Training: Consider further training specific to your favoured industry. What are the costs and timelines.

  • Research: Analyse the new job opportunities you want to apply for. Match them with your skills and experience. Highlight the language they use, and keywords so you can incorporate into your CV.

  • What’s your story: Have a great story to tell. Your next employer will ask why you are looking to change industries. Make sure you can explain what has sparked this change of direction. For example, “I’m passionate about the environment and want to work for an organisation that matches my values”, when moving into Greentech.

Considering working with impactful companies making a change?

Are you looking for a technology job opportunity where you can make a difference? At Gravitas, we are proud to work with a number of companies making positive change, whether that’s public service, healthcare, housing or sustainable energy.

About the author

Louise Smith, Client Relationship Practice Lead, has been apart of Gravitas for over 6 years, joining the Manchester Office to build the Client Relationship desk; developing account relationships, adding value and meeting hiring needs in the technology and public sector. She is a passionate advocate for Women in Tech, setting up the Gravitas Women in Tech networking events back in 2019, hosting empowering roundtables and meet ups.

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