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f you have technology skills, working in the public sector offers extensive employment opportunities across areas like the NHS, housing and higher education, as well as exciting roles within the government, meaning potential employees have a wealth of career options for your next move. The pandemic has forced public sector organisations to bring forward digital transformations that allow fundamental changes and support the growth of remote working, in order to continue supporting vital services that benefit society. Huge investment is being made into long-term strategies for supporting this, meaning a wealth of exciting and innovative IT job opportunities are arising.

For those who want to take their next step on their IT career pathway within the public sector, it can be difficult to know exactly which department or branch to choose from, but there are several always to make the job-hunting process easier. 

Understanding different Public Sector Opportunities

While thePublic Sector may be signified for many by the government, in reality it contains many different agencies and departments, all of which employ professionals with proven technology and transformation skills.Some examples of these sub sectors are:

  • Education

  • NPO’s

  • Housing

  • Local government

  • NHS and healthcare

  • Charities

  • Civil Service

Think about your interests

If your knowledge and experience is based in a specific sector such as technology, transformation and change, it is beneficial to explore how roles utilising your skillet may be applicable within the Public Sector, for example, jobs like Data Analysts, Back End Developer, Systems Managers, Business Analysts and Change Analysts, are highly transferable and sought after. This may allow some flexibility when finding the right public sector project or department for your next job.

To get a better sense of what roles exist within different areas to see which services they cover and if there is one that interests you.

Know what Public Sector Technology jobs are looking for

As well as transferable technical skills and experience, many public service jobs want core soft skills such as strong communication skills, positive team-working abilities and resilience. Find out more about other desirable attributes for public positions and careers with dedicated advice guides, or find role outlines that interest you and look at what public services employers expect of a candidate.

Look in the right places

Many people do not know the full scope of public sector opportunities, the benefits of working in the public sector versus the private sector and the realities of working in a local government job or an NHS project role. Public Sector recruitment companies like Gravitas, have in-depth knowledge of this and can advise on what the right job for you might be. They also have teams that focus on specific areas such as housing and higher education and can give you that specific insight.

It is important to keep in mind that not all public sector roles are advertised, particularly in the case of contract positions. This is why working with a specialist recruitment consultant is recommended as they may know of roles that are not on the market and can recommend tailored openings to you that are in line with your skills and experience.

Gravitas is currently working on a range of Public Sector jobs, across a number of departments including IT jobs in Housing, Technical jobs in NHS or Higher Education. Find the right job for you by talking to our specialist consultants today.