Programme One

In November 2020, Programme One was born. 

We are proud to be a part of Programme One as an original co-founder alongside seven other recruitment agencies. Each agency has the same vision, to deliver an impactful programme to tackle underrepresentation of Black talent in the recruitment industry.

Learn more about our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Removing barriers in recruitment

Programme One was officially launched in November 2021, removing barriers in the recruitment industry by providing a mentorship programme for Black recruiters. 

This includes:

  • Every Black recruiter in each agency as part of Programme One will have access to a mentor.
  • Each agency in partnership with Programme One will provide two mentors, who will receive mentorship training for high quality guidance and advice.

Quote from an anonymous mentee

My mentor was a game-changer for me! Programme One paired me with an experienced recruiter, who has been a role model for me and someone who I can receive advice from. Having this opportunity allowed me to make the right changes to my recruitment approach, in order to be competitive and successful in the current market. 

Gravitas’ Talent Management Principal, Jennine Gibbs, joined Programme One for Black History Month, to understand more about the 2023 theme ‘Saluting our Sisters’ and share her career experiences as a Black woman. Watch our video to the right. 

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DEI offerings

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We hold our leaders accountable for implementing our organisations DEI vision, by setting standards, driving initiatives, and being role models. We do this by ensuring our leaders are trained and feel knowledgeable enough to have conversations about DEI with our employees, candidates, and clients. We are committed to advancing an inclusive culture and creating a better, equitable working world for everyone.

Our DEI vision statement is “To be recognised by our clients, candidates, and staff as a leader within Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through positive action in reducing bias. Our aim is to make a difference to the working world by supporting our clients, providing clear advice on DEI recruitment processes, and encouraging allyship across all our networks.”

Our ongoing DEI mission is to ensure that DEI principles are integrated into all areas of our attraction, sourcing, and recruitment processes, as well as talent performance/management, advancement, and retention strategies. We conduct competency-based interviews to assess candidates based on qualities such as hard work, motivation, competitiveness, and resilience. Our job descriptions have been reviewed and amended to eliminate gender bias using tools like the Gender Decoder website.  During the internal interview process, we educate potential employees and candidates on the importance of DEI. Our Workshop and Interview Days (i.e. assessment centres) also include a section on DEI and its importance internally and externally. 

Our DEI committee

The Gravitas DEI Committee aim to improve DEI within Gravitas through positive action and the reduction of bias.

By actively promoting DEI through education, collaborations, consultancy and advising on diverse recruitment processes and practices; the committee ensure that we collectively act on our crucial role in our wider communities. 

Contact us for more information.

Our Gravitas mentees have the unique opportunity to gain insights and experiences from Senior Consultants and leaders from another recruitment agency. This collaboration has facilitated a two-way exchange; where the mentors have generously shared their wisdom with mentees, but also learn valuable insights into the challenges mentees might face. We are continuously enhancing the mentoring scheme, looking at ways to evolve and improve the experience.

Jennine Gibbs, Talent Management Principal

Our commitment to Programme One

By joining Programme One, we are signed up and committed to delivering against four simple objectives.

Embedding a diversity, inclusion & respect strategy.

Removing any barriers to hiring Black recruiters, so we match Black representation in the local community. Using the ONS estimates by ethnic group as a guide we can understand the representation of the Black and/or Black British African / Caribbean heritage in the location.

Access to an experienced mentor for every Black recruiter hired. The purpose is to create an environment of support for the person entering our business. We will also be putting forward at least 2 mentors who will mentor Black recruiters in other recruitment businesses.

Widening our talent attraction methods and techniques. Programme One will also help us form a communication and attraction strategy to attract Black recruiters so we can develop a real understanding of how to access wider talent pools.

DEI insights

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